Friday, May 30, 2008

Mr. Low Body Fat - loses 133 pound

Mr. Low Body Fat - loses 133 pounds and chronicled his weight loss story on his web site. My new hero.

he started gaining the weight in college, 20 30 40 pounds. And before you know it he is 300 pounds in his mid 30s.

Point well taken. He also blogged about his weight loss. Hnece my hero status.

Mr. Low Body Fat aka Muata Kamdibe's Tips (abbreviated)

1. Calories count!

2. Educate yourself about the weight-loss process

3. Establish a realistic plan to accomplish your goals.

4. Don't lie to yourself anymore.

5. Read both sides of the debate about saturated fat and cholesterol.

6. If you can't do 20 strict form push-ups and chin-ups, then you shouldn't think about touching one dumbbell.

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